Thursday, July 6, 2023

Pick Up a Good Book


Whether you call it an autobiography or a memoir most people when hearing this can probably think of someone that has written one. Usually this will be a celebrity of some sort. Whether an actor/actress or an athlete.

An autobiography's main focus is presenting the facts and historical context of a subjects life. The view is usually quite broad. Where as a memoir is more focused on the author's feelings and personal experiences of events.

Which ever description you use putting yourself out there can be intimidating. Maybe as a celebrity it isn't so scary as they are used to being the focus of many tabloids, etc. But, for the average person it can be a whole different experience, especially when dealing with a very personal event in ones life.

I believe that sharing your personal story can be emotionally healing but also very educational for others reading it.

I’d like to share a few books that I’ve read. In my opinion these books tip the emotional scale. They are raw, emotional and very personal.